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Bucket list 2015


2015’s Bucket list

I like to make bucket lists for myself as a way to set goals throughout the year. Unlike New Years resolutions, bucket list items are fun

  • Visit the DMZ
  • Go rail biking in Korea
  • Take a scuba diving trip to somewhere tropical
  • Visit Jeju Island one last time
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China
  • Continue practicing my photography skills
  • Apply to some sort of online study program
  • Book a skiing trip
  • Visit Tongyeong, in the south of Korea
  • Swim with whale sharks in the Philippines
  • Celebrate New Years Eve in Seoul (will be completed)
  • Attend a music┬áconcert
  • Wear Hanbok
  • Go to mud festival in Boryeong
  • Go sky diving
  • Visit Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand
  • Take a spontaneous road trip somewhere
  • Drive up the east coast of Korea
  • Continue studying Korean
  • Go to an ice festival

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