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Bucketlist 2014


2014’s bucket list, almost completed

  • Mud festival
  • Learn how to scuba dive and become certified (DONE)
  • Korea burn
  • Trying to snowboard
  • Go paragliding (DONE)
  • DMZ tour
  • Inspire someone (DONE)
  • Save some money (DONE)
  • Visit Malaysia (DONE), Taiwan (DONE), Philippines (DONE), Japan (DONE) and Hong Kong, China (DONE)
  • Watch a Korean movie without subtitles
  • Go to HOLI one again (DONE)
  • Play with a baby/adult panda
  • Feed cubs (lion/tiger/cheetah/tiger)
  • Feed monkeys
  • Ride a scooter outside of Korea (DONE) Bonus: Malaysia
  • Buy a tablet and new camera lens (DONE)
  • Go on a date with a Korean (DONE) Bonus: He’s now my boyfriend
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Pick up a hobby and stick to it  (DONE) Bonus: Photography
  • Do some volunteer work
  • Visit a fortune teller (bonus: in Korean)
  • Hike something in Korea (DONE)
  • Go ice fishing
  • Visit an Asian Disney land
  • Have high tea (DONE)
  • Watch a 2014 world cup game Korean style (DONE)
  • Make a gopro video (DONE)
  • See the international body painting festival in Daegu (DONE)
  • Get a Korean drivers license (DONE)
  • Go on vacation with my mom (DONE)
  • Watch an international dj while on vacation in a foreign country
  • Start a piggy bank of all my lose change (DONE)
  • Learn Korean
  • Visit one of the World’s tallest buildings (DONE) Bonus: I’ve seen 3!
  • Visit Goeje (DONE) and Namhae Island Bonus: Jeju & Wedo
  • Have a snow day (DONE)
  • Try and make a real Korean meal
  • Swim with turtles (DONE)
  • UMF 2014
  • Buy a car in Korea (DONE) Bonus: I’ve bought 2
  • Go to the cherry blossom festival (DONE)
  • Watch the Pohang Fireworks festival (DONE)
  • Visit new areas of South Korea (DONE)
  • Buy a couple’s outfit (DONE)
  • Visit a Korean water park (DONE)


Riyaan 2014/01/21 at 2:33 am


I used to follow you on twitter probably like a year ago I think. Back then you were stil studying. It’s amazing how you’ve grown, your glog has changed and look where you are now, on the other side of the world. Enjoy every moment of it


rafiquaisraelexpress 2014/01/21 at 7:31 pm

Thanks for the comment! Its great to have some loyal followers. Im on facebook now too x :)

Riyaan 2014/01/22 at 3:16 am

aah to bad, i aint on facebook. My uncle taught English in Taiwan, then became the school principle. He then moved to Phillipines, but left after that massive typhoon last year. Now his teaching in Dubai. I bet the greatest part of you job must be the travelling and getting to experience all the wonderful sights, sounds and tastes…happiness :)

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